Assemblyman Thurston “Smitty” Smith Introduces Legislation to Support California’s Veterans

HESPERIA, CA – Assemblyman Thurston “Smitty” Smith introduced legislation this week offering a fee waiver to all U.S. Veterans who are applying for a veteran’s designation on their California driver’s license (AB 1026) as well as reducing fees for veterans who are seeking an initial license with the California Department of Consumer Affairs (AB 1151).

AB 1026 would exempt all veterans from the fee required to offer the “veterans” designation. This designation allows for California’s veterans to access several benefits and business discounts without having to carry their discharge papers (DD-214).

Since the inception of this program in November 2015, the DMV has issued more than 100,000 identification cards. This has allowed thousands of California’s veterans to be informed of other federal benefits they have been entitled to, but not previously aware of.

AB 1151 would require every board within the Department of Consumer Affairs to grant a 50 percent reduction for the initial license to an applicant who has served in the Armed Forces. This legislation would help remove financial barriers for veterans looking to enter licensed professions. Easing this barrier will bring skilled labor into California and help chip away at the growing issue of veteran homelessness.

“Supporting the brave men and women in the U.S. military is one of my highest priorities in Sacramento,” Smith said. “Reducing and eliminating fees will bring meaningful changes in our veterans’ lives.”

Assemblyman Thurston “Smitty” Smith (R-Apple Valley) is a retired small business owner and a longtime advocate for California’s taxpayers. He is the former three-term mayor of Hesperia. Smitty and his wife, Margaret, have been residents of the 33rd Assembly District for over 32 years where they raised their two children together. Learn more about Smitty at: