APPLE VALLEY, CA – Assemblymember Thurston “Smitty” Smith announced Thursday that he has co-authored legislation (AB-1599) with Assemblymembers Kevin Kiley, James Gallagher, and Jim Patterson to give California Voters the choice to repeal Proposition 47.

Proposition 47, passed in 2014, reduced the felony threshold rate for retail theft from over $400 to over $950 as well as limiting misdemeanor thefts having jail time-limited to a maximum of 6 months

“It’s time to restore law and order in California. This is a bipartisan issue for every community in our state. For far too long, Sacramento politicians have been soft on crime. Recently, California has seen a dramatic surge in smash-and-grab robberies due to the unintended consequences of Proposition 47,” said Assemblyman Smith.

Additional co-authors of AB 1599 include Republican Assemblymembers Steven Choi, Laurie Davies, Heath Flora, Janet Nguyen, Kelly Seyarto, Marie Waldron, and Senators Brian Jones, Melissa Melendez, Jim Nielsen, and Scott Wilk.

Assemblymember Thurston “Smitty” Smith (R-Apple Valley) is a retired small business owner and a longtime advocate for California’s taxpayers. He is the former three-term mayor of Hesperia. Smitty and his wife, Margaret, have been residents of the 33rd Assembly District for over 32 years, where they raised their two children together. Learn more about Smitty at: