Sacramento– Today, Assembly Republican Whip, Devon Mathis (R-Porterville), issued the following statements regarding the passage of AB 2223 from the Assembly Health Committee:

“I am extremely disgusted by the actions of the Assembly Health Committee in supporting this grotesque bill,” said Mathis. “This measure is sickening and it astounds me that we’re even considering it.”

This bill, among other things, repeals existing law requiring coroners to investigate deaths related to suspected self-induced or criminal abortions.  Further, it completely immunizes pregnant persons and abortion providers for all “pregnancy-related” deaths, including post-birth death.

“Despite strong opposition, including from myself, it appears as though the Majority Party is determined to streamline this bill through the process,” said Mathis. “I encourage every Californian who cares about the lives of our children, unborn or otherwise, to contact their representatives and demand that they vote no on AB 2223.”