Assembly Budget Committee Vice Chair Obernolte Responds to Governor’s May Budget Revision

SACRAMENTO – Today, Assembly Budget Committee Vice Chair Jay Obernolte (R-Hesperia) issued the following statement in response to the release of Governor Gavin Newsom’s “May Revise” budget proposal: 

“Our state is facing an unprecedented budget shortfall due to the dire economic fallout from the coronavirus. Throughout this crisis we’ve asked Californians to make do with less, and now, with a projected $54 billion deficit, we must as well. I look forward to working with the Governor and Legislature this year to make targeted adjustments while ensuring that our most vulnerable populations and critical state services are still protected."

 “This budget also needs to be mindful of both our employees and businesses. If we are serious about helping workers, we need to suspend AB 5 and give workers the flexibility to pursue all available job opportunities in order to make a living. It’s equally important to ensure that employers are not held responsible for repaying the large loans recently taken by the state to shore up our unemployment system. These job losses were caused by actions of the state, not by businesses, and the state must commit to ensuring that our employers are not further harmed by increased unemployment insurance costs.

“Most importantly, I look forward to continuing our progress towards reopening our economy. We need to find ways to allow people to return to work so they can reinvest in our community without putting their health at risk. Many businesses can enact safety provisions to protect their employees and their customers alike. I’m hopeful that we can soon help Californians in the most meaningful way possible – to safely restart our economy so people can support their families.”