Sacramento– Today, Assembly Republican Whip, Devon J. Mathis (R-Porterville), issued the following statements regarding the Assembly Democrat’s blatant disregard for the Standing Rules of the Assembly to block efforts to immediately lower gas prices:

“I am extremely disappointed in my Democrat colleagues for their distorting of the Standing Rules of the Assembly and their unwillingness to act to lower our gas prices now,” said Mathis. “Today, we were witness to repeated attempts to silence our Republican Leader, Assemblymember James Gallagher, despite being formally recognized in his motion.  It is plain to all of us that Assembly Democrats do not actually care about lowering your gas bill.  They’d much rather offer false promises and gas cards in July, conveniently at the same time that the gas tax is set to increase.”

“I’m disturbed by efforts to suppress our right to speak for and vote on behalf of our constituents,” said Mathis.  “I was intentionally locked out of my voting mechanism and denied the ability to vote in favor of bringing AB 1638 to the floor for debate.  Combatting authoritarian efforts to suppress representation is one of the reasons I served within our Armed Forces.  Unfortunately for the Democratic Leadership, I, along with all of my Republican colleagues, will not be silenced, and we will not give up!

We will keep demanding a suspension of the gas tax increase, and will remain steadfast in our service to making California an affordable place for families to live and do business.”

“Assembly Democrats…know that the entire state watched you refuse to listen to their pleas for immediate action to address our skyrocketing gas prices.  They will not soon forget your complacency.”