Assembly Republican Whip Mathis Leads Letter to CARB Over New Unrealistic Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation

SACRAMENTO- Assembly Republican Whip Devon J. Mathis (R- Porterville) issued a letter signed by many of his Assembly Republican colleagues expressing deep concern with California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) new impending ruling on Advanced Clean Fleets regulation package:

“Californians have suffered enough from record-breaking inflation. This aggressive transition to electric trucks threatens to raise costs even higher, puts our small business community at risk, and poses serious implementation problems to boot,” said Assemblymember Mathis. “Electric big rig trucks cost multiple times more than their diesel counterparts. The costs of this mandate will ultimately be borne by Californians. Moreover, CARB’s own analysis acknowledges that this regulation could lead to the elimination of family-owned small businesses that have existed for generations. This is the last thing Californians need right now.”

The new impending regulatory package includes rules that would force companies and small businesses to purchase zero emission vehicles and actively change a certain percentage of their current vehicle fleet to include zero emission vehicles by 2024. This will cause a greater stress on our already strained supply chain as not all vehicles are readily available in these quantities, the cost of these vehicles is prohibitively expensive for smaller businesses to absorb costs, and California’s electrical grid wouldn’t be able to meet the new demands imposed by these new vehicles.

Read a copy of the letter here.