Mathis Bill to Protect California Military Lands Passes Committee

Sacramento -Today, the Assembly Judiciary Committee passed AB 2306 (Mathis – 2024), which would authorize the California Military Department to develop a Statewide policy regarding prohibited foreign actors owning property within 50 miles of a U.S. Military base or California National Guard base. Assemblyman Mathis issued the following statement after the vote:

“Our Military installations train & house our State and Nation’s Service Members and should be treated as the sensitive areas they are. Just two years ago, a hostile foreign Government based company bought land just 20 minutes away from a key Air Force Base in North Dakota. There are many other instances where hostile foreign actors have purchased land not too far from critical military installations. Currently, there is no State policy to prevent aggressive foreign actors from acquiring such sensitive lands. AB 2306 will keep nefarious foreign actors from gaining access to some of our most sensitive locations. In our highly evolving technological world, it is paramount that we take the necessary steps to ensure our safety. Today, AB 2306 received unanimous support from the Judiciary Committee and moves to the Committee on Military & Veterans Affairs.”