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Past Legislative Successes

Leg Year - 2015-2016

Extends, until July 1, 2023, California s Healthy Food Financing Initiative (CHFFI), which utilizes federal, state, philanthropic and private funds for the purpose of expanding access to healthy foods in underserved communities.

AB 2636: Certified Copies Of Marriage, Birth, And Death Certificates: Electronic Application

Authorizes a local official, if an electronic request for a certified copy of a birth, death, or marriage record is made, to accept an electronic acknowledgment verifying the identity of the applicant using a multi-layered remote identity proofing process that includes guidelines for security and privacy to ensure the applicant is an authorized person.

AB 2755: Agriculture: Bees: Civil Remedies

Provides for civil damages in any civil action for the wrongful and willful taking, possessing, harboring, or transportation of bees from their beehive, or the killing or destroying of bees without the consent of the owner or the person lawfully in possession of the bees. Sets the amount of damages at three times the value of the bees, plus the fair cost of money expended by the plaintiff in recovering or replacing the bees.

AB 2900: Income Taxation: Credits: California Competes Tax Credit

Requires the Governor s Office of Business and Economic Development to post additional information on its Internet website about the recipients of the California Competes Tax Credit.

AB 2906: Transportation: Omnibus Bill

Makes several noncontroversial changes related to transportation. Combines a number of minor changes into a single vehicle to streamline the code cleanup process.


Creates the Kings River East Groundwater Sustainability Agency. Requires the agency to develop and implement a groundwater sustainability plan to achieve sustainable groundwater management within the territory of the agency.

SB 111: School Facilities: Military Installations

States intent that assistance be provided to school districts in the 2015-16 fiscal year to meet the matching share requirement of a school construction grant made by the Office of Economic Adjustment of the federal Department of Defense (DOD) to construct, renovate, repair, or expand elementary and secondary public schools located on military installations and requires the Department of Finance (DOF) to explore options on how best to assist school districts in meeting the matching requirement of the federal school construction grant.

SB 150: Personal Income Tax Law: Exclusion: Student Loan Debt Forgiveness

Excludes from state income the amount of student loan debt discharged for eligible taxpayers who are granted a loan discharge because a school closes or does something wrong, and specifically benefits former Corinthian College Students. Cancelled debt is usually treated as income to the borrower and, as a result, is taxable by the state and federal governments.

SB 221: State Public Employees: Sick Leave: Veterans With Service-Related Disabilities

Enacts the California Wounded Warriors Transitional Leave Act that permits future state employees, who are military veterans with service-connected disabilities, which are rated 30% or higher, to receive additional paid sick leave up to 96 hours dedicated to health care treatment of those disabilities for the first year of employment.

SB 448: Sex Offenders: Internet Identifiers

Addresses perceived constitutional deficiencies in the language of Proposition 35 of 2012, which requires registered sex offenders to provide specified information regarding their use of the Internet and emails to law enforcement. Narrows the requirements that registered sex offenders disclose their Internet accounts and identifiers to law enforcement and limits the sharing of such information by law enforcement and limits public access.

SB 685: Alcoholic Beverage Service: Veterans Club License

Expands the authority of a holder of a veterans club license to serve and sell alcoholic beverages for consumption within the club premises to bona fide members of the veterans organization, their bona fide guests, bona fide members of other veterans organizations, active duty or reserve members of the Armed Forces of the United States, or any bona fide veteran.

SB 1012: Flags: Purchase

Requires that, on and after January 1, 2017, any Flag of the United States or the Flag of the State of California purchased by the state or any local government agency shall be made in the United States.

SB 1073: Earned Income Tax Credit

Technical clean-up to the California Earned Income Tax Credit statutes to ensure that low-income families with 3 or more qualifying children will receive 45 percent of the federal credit. California s statutes cross reference a federal chart which has been superseded by recent federal changes.

SB 1345: Vehicles: Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation: County Of Inyo

Extends the sunset by three years on a pilot project in Inyo County, allowing on-road use of off-highway motor vehicles within highway segments up to 10 miles in length designated by the county. Improves access to trails and services for off-highway vehicle (OHV) users, and provides additional time to evaluate the impacts of combined road use in Inyo County.