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Past Legislative Successes - Resolutions

Leg Year - 2021-2022

Dedicates May 2021 as Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month. Raises awareness about the stigma and challenges of maternal mental health.

ACR 76: Emergency Medical Services Week

Proclaims May 16-22, 2021, to be Emergency Medical Services Week in California. Recognizes the incredible work of emergency medical services personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic. Highlights the vital, around-the-clock work of emergency medical service teams.

ACR 77: Sea Level Rise Awareness Month

Proclaims May 2021 as Sea Level Rise Awareness Month in California in order to recognize the devastating effects of climate change and encourage local governments to take action. Emphasizes the risk global warming and rising sea levels pose to California’s ocean communities and economy.

ACR 78: Senior Malnutrition Awareness Day

Designates May 4, 2021, as Senior Malnutrition Awareness Day in order to encourage Californians and health care workers to recognize malnutrition in vulnerable seniors and raise awareness of this critical issue. Raises awareness about seniors facing malnutrition.

ACR 80: California Nonprofits Day

Declares June 23, 2021, as California Nonprofits Day in recognition of the importance of nonprofit organizations to the economy and well-being of the state. Highlights the diverse range of work of nonprofit organizations and their valuable contributions to California’s economy.

ACR 81: Food Allergy Awareness Week

Proclaims May 9-15, 2021, as Food Allergy Awareness Week. Encourages the residents of this state to increase their understanding and awareness of food allergies and anaphylaxis by visiting Provides information about food allergies and their impacts.

ACR 82: Juneteenth

Recognizes June 19, 2021, as Juneteenth. Urges the people of California to join in celebrating Juneteenth as a day to honor and reflect on the significant role that African Americans have played in the history of the United States and how they have enriched society through their steadfast commitment to promoting unity and equality. Reflects on the historical significance of Juneteenth and encourages Californians to do so as well.

ACR 84: Foster Care Month

Declares May 2021 as Foster Care Month. Details the need for and importance of foster care.

ACR 85: The 2021 International Day Of Yoga

Recognizes June 21, 2021, as the 2021 International Day of Yoga in California and an opportunity to better understand the benefits of yoga as a path to uplift the human experience. Celebrates the history and importance of yoga.

ACR 86: California Fishing And Boating Week

Proclaims June 5-13, 2021, as California Fishing and Boating Week. Celebrates the fishing and boating industries.

ACR 87: National Gun Violence Awareness Day

Declares June 4, 2021, to be National Gun Violence Awareness Day. Renews the Legislature’s commitment to reduce gun violence and pledges to do all that can be done to keep firearms out of the wrong hands and to encourage responsible gun ownership to help keep our children safe. Encourages all citizens to support their communities’ efforts to prevent the tragic effects of gun violence and to honor and value human lives. Contains statistics about the prevalence of gun-related violence in California and calls for continued efforts to combat it.

ACR 90: USS Liberty Remembrance Day

Proclaims June 8, 2021, as USS Liberty Remembrance Day. Honors those who served, and were lost, when the Israeli Air Force and Navy attacked the neutral USS Liberty during the Six-Day War in 1967.

ACR 91: Healthy Homes Awareness Month

Designates June 2021 as Healthy Homes Awareness Month in order to increase awareness and understanding of healthy housing, and to educate home owners, landlords, and renters of programs and resources available to mitigate unhealthy housing conditions and prevent those conditions from arising in the future. Highlights the health and safety challenges, and related racial disparities, facing many Californians.

ACR 92: Aromatic L-Amino Acid Decarboxylase (AADC) Deficiency Awareness Day

Designates October 23, 2022, as Aromatic L-amino Acid Decarboxylase (AADC) Deficiency Awareness Day and encourages Californians to become better informed about, and aware of, AADC deficiency. Raises awareness about a rare disease.

Recognizes the importance of California Native American Day, celebrated this year on September 24, 2021, and the annual California Indian Cultural Awareness Conference, to the enhancement of awareness of California Indian culture. Calls for recognition of the diverse and storied history of Native Americans in California.