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Past Legislative Successes - Resolutions

Leg Year - 2015-2016

Declares the intent of the California Legislature to uphold and protect the dignity and independence of older Californians.

ACR 52: Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Proclaims the month of April 2015 to be Distracted Driving Awareness Month. By focusing primarily on cell phone use, creates greater confusion about the issue of distracted driving, sending a message to the public that other driving distractions are less dangerous.

ACR 53: Richard Dick Dickerson Memorial Highway

Designates a portion of State Route 44 in the City of Redding as the Richard Dick Dickerson Memorial Highway.

ACR 55: Crime Victims Rights Week

Recognizes the week of April 19-25, 2015, as Crime Victims Rights Week in California.

ACR 58: Ralph Fertig Memorial Bicycle-Pedestrian Path And The Peter Douglas Coastal Access Way

Designates the bicycle-pedestrian path constructed as part of the project to widen State Highway Route 101, from Mobil Pier Road to Bates Road in the County of Ventura, as the Ralph Fertig Memorial Bicycle-Pedestrian Path. Designates the pedestrian undercrossing of State Highway Route 101 in the community of La Conchita in the County of Ventura as the Peter Douglas Coastal Access Way.

ACR 59: Thrombosis Awareness Month

Declares the month of October 2015 as Thrombosis Awareness Month.

ACR 61: Asian And Pacific Islander American Heritage Month

Recognizes May 2015 as Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month.

ACR 62: California Cancer Survivors Day

Designates June 7th as California Cancer Survivors Day to coincide with National Cancer Survivors Day.

ACR 63: Tony Gwynn Memorial Freeway

Designates the portion of Interstate 15 from Camino Del Norte to Scripps Poway Parkway/Mercy Road in the County of San Diego as the Tony Gwynn Memorial Freeway.

ACR 64: Asthma Awareness Month

Designates the month of May 2015 as Asthma Awareness Month.

ACR 65: James Mitchell “Mitch” Waller Memorial Highway

Designates a specified portion of State Highway Route 405 (Interstate 405) in the County of Orange as the James Mitchell Mitch Waller Memorial Highway.

ACR 67: Ballot Measures

Resolves That the Legislature stands in moral and legal objection to the ballot measure proposing to enact the Sodomite Suppression Act, and to any other ballot measure that seeks to inflict harm on innocent persons or diminish current civil rights protections.

ACR 69: Health Care District Month

Proclaims the month of May 2015 as Health Care District Month.

ACR 70: Portuguese Heritage Month

Designates the month of June 2015 as Portuguese Heritage Month.

ACR 71: Elder And Vulnerable Adult Abuse Awareness Month

Proclaims the month of June 2015, and June of every year thereafter, as Elder and Vulnerable Adult Abuse Awareness Month despite this designation having already been made for May.