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Past Legislative Successes - Resolutions

Leg Year - 2015-2016

Recognizes May 2016 as Celiac Disease Awareness Month.

ACR 74: California Fairground Appreciation Month

Designates the month of June 2015 as California Fairground Appreciation Month.

ACR 76: Magna Carta: 800th Anniversary

Commemorates the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.

ACR 77: California Early Intervention Services Act

Reaffirms existing law that provides early intervention and treatment services for California s infants and toddlers. Urges the Legislature to expand outreach and leverage existing efforts under the California Early Intervention Services Act by partnering governmental officials with the sponsors of this resolution.

ACR 78: CHP Officer Gerald E. Dormaier Memorial Interchange

Designates the interchange at the junction of State Routes 99 and 166 in the County of Kern as the CHP Officer Gerald E. Dormaier Memorial Interchange.

ACR 80: Alzheimer S And Brain Awareness Month And The Longest Day

Recognizes the month of June as Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, and recognizes June 21, 2015, as The Longest Day in California.

ACR 85: Medically Fragile Foster Care Children And Adoptive Placement Children

Declares November 2015 as a month to raise awareness about the issue of medically fragile foster care children.

ACR 90: California Firefighters Memorial Day

Proclaims October 17, 2015, as Firefighters Memorial Day.

ACR 94: California Manufacturing Day

Declares Friday, October 2, 2015, as California Manufacturing Day.

ACR 95: American Flag

Declares that the American flag is an inseparable part of California s rich history, tradition, and culture and that it represents the values of freedom and liberty. Calls upon the state and local governments to prohibit any government entity in the state from banning the American flag from public property.

ACR 96: Dropout Recovery Month

Declares the month of August 4, 2014, as Dropout Recovery Month, and encourages the support of dropout recovery high schools with creative teaching strategies, alternative assessments, and adequate resources.

ACR 99: Salvadoran American Day

Declares September 6, 2015, as Salvadoran American Day and recognizes the rich heritage of Salvadoran Americans throughout California.

ACR 100: Kevin Woyjeck Memorial Highway

Designates the portion of Interstate 405 between postmile 24.178 and postmile 20.4 in the County of Orange as the Kevin Woyjeck Memorial Highway.

ACR 101: Coastal Cleanup Day

Recognizes the 3rd Saturday in September as Coastal Cleanup Day. Encourages individual citizens, businesses, groups, organizations, and public institutions to observe Coastal Cleanup Day this year and every year. Proclaims September 19, 2015, as the 31st annual Coastal Cleanup Day in California.

ACR 102: Red Ribbon Week

Proclaims the period of October 23 to 31, 2015, as Red Ribbon Week; and encourages all Californians to help build drug-free communities and to participate in drug prevention activities.